Caring for Silver

Why does silver tarnish?
Silver tarnishes from the interaction with sulfides in the air. First the tarnish will take on a golden hue and eventually it will turn the piece black. This is a natural process. Higher sulfide levels are associated with humidity and air pollution. Remember, the more humid the climate the faster silver will tarnish.

Remove your Mommy Tags when cleaning with harsh chemicals.
Your Mommy Tags will discolor if exposed to bleach or any other household chemicals. Please remove them when cleaning with these types of products.

Wear your Mommy Tags Every Day!
Using silver prevents tarnish. The more you wear your Mommy Tags, the less chance there'll be for tarnish to buildup!

We provide you with a small ziplock bag which contains an anti-tarnish strip. When not wearing your Mommy Tags, store in this bag to prevent tarnish.

How to Clean Silver
Silver will polish up by rubbing or buffing it with a soft cotton cloth.

You can purchase a chamois cleaning cloth from Mommy Tags which cleans and brightens with special non-scratch micro-abrasives and is reusable.

Silver dips are fast and easy. However, be careful as many dips will take the color and polish off many gemstones. We advise against using a dip for Mommy Tags as it may remove the lettering and ruin your piece. When using a silver dip, dip the piece quickly in and out of the dip and immediately rinse it in clean water. When the piece dries, buff it with a soft cotton cloth. Also, when using a dip, if you leave the piece in too long, or don't rinse it well enough with fresh water, white residue will be left on the piece when it dries. The residue is difficult to rub or pick off.