Can I order just the name tags without the main tag?
No, sorry. In order to keep the integrity of the Mommy Tags trademark and copyright, we are unable to produce just the name tags without the purchase of the Main Tag set.

I already have kids and am planning on having more. Can I order just the name tag when I have another child?
Yes! We keep a database of all orders and when you have another child we check to make sure the main tag set was purchased. You're allowed to order just the name tag to add to your original set. If you already have purchased your Main Tag set, additonal name tags may be ordered in the Accessories Dept.

How long does it take to get my Mommy Tags?
Because of demand, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. We have two production runs each week and your tags could arrive sooner than expected.

When will you charge my credit card?
Because the item you're purchasing is personalized and is being created just for you, your credit card will be charged when you place your order. Our system does not allow us to charge for a purchase when it is shipped. We are currently at a 1-2 week delivery period. If you're unwilling to have your credit card charged during the time it takes us to complete your order, please reconsider your purchase. We are a small production studio. We do not cast our product in a large manufacturing facility, nor do we outsource our product for manufacturing in China. Our product is handcrafted by work at home artisan moms. Please take these items into consideration when you place your order. Thank you.

Do you provide Overnight Shipping?
No. We wish we could! Our tags are not the typical casted variety found in stores. Each are handcrafted one by one and is a three day process to create. Because of this fact alone, we are unable to provide overnight shipping.

I like your idea, but I'd like something different. Can you make custom designs?
Yes! Please contact our sister site www.maizehutton.com for all custom orders.

Can I order duplicate name tags?
No, sorry. A duplicate name tag could be made into another piece of jewelry which isn't the intention of trademark. However, if you purchase another main tag set a duplicate name can be made.

Can I order a shorter chain?
Yes! Choose a shorter chain length when ordering your tags by selecting your preferred length from the pulldown when ordering.

Can I order a longer chain?
Yes! We charge extra for longer chains. Choose a longer chain length when ordering your tags by selecting your preferred length from the pulldown when ordering.

How will my order be packaged?
Your tags will arrive enclosed in a ziplock bag with anti-tarnish strip and packaged in a reusable tin. See our packaging.

Can I find Mommy Tags in the stores?
Yes! Please check our retail outlet page for a store near you.

Why does the Mommy Tag bracelet cost $5 more?
The bracelet is 4mm sterling silver which is heavier and contains more silver than the necklace chain.

Can I wear my Mommy Tags in the shower or bath?
Absolutely! The more you wear your Mommy Tags the less likely they are to tarnish. However, do not wear them when cleaning with harsh chemicals such as bleach. Bleach will instantly tarnish your tags. Consult our Caring for Silver page for more information on caring for your Mommy Tags.